Paul O'Connor is a graphic artist and illustrator living in New York City. His career as a private eye collapsed when he discovered that chain smoking caused death. Paul suffers from severe asthma, poor eyesight, pale skin, and red hair. Birds enjoy flying into his head. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 1995 and once ate a stick of butter on a hot dog bun. He still plays Nintendo on a daily basis and has seen The Goonies 11 million times.
Paul grew up in the Bronx, where he was frequently praised for his striking good looks and incredible athleticism. He is heavily influenced by classic American cinema, golden age animation, and any type of fiction that includes street toughs, old-timey tycoons, hobos, or people stroking big mustaches. He is a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, New York Giants, and Groucho Marx. Paul previously worked as Senior Editorial Designer for Huge Inc in Brooklyn.